Cellulose casings are shipped in shirred sticks that require no soaking. The are packaged to keep moisture in and preserve shelf life.

Cellulose casings offer exceptional clarity, consistent quality and processing satisfaction, permeability to smoke and water vapor, glossy surface, open ended or closed ended, simple to use and suitable for any type of stuffer.

Cellulose casings are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from the smallest diameter to the largest diameter to achieve any application. They are available in clear, striped, or red, which are non-transferable to ensure full peeling. We carry a variety of lengths. Custom shirred lengths are also available.

Available sizes on cellulose casings:

Stuffing Diameter Packaging PRODUCT EXAMPLES
18-40mm Case Cellulose/Skinless

Order our cellulose casings for all your cooked skinless products:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Snack foods
  • Chorizo